Graphic Communication

September 2012

Where did you Study?

Bath School of Art and Design (Bath Spa).

What did you Study?

Graphic Communication

What year did you Graduate?


So we can feel more intimate, three words to describe your physical appearance.

Brunette, tall, pale!

What did you do when you left Uni? Be brutally honest! If you cried into a bowl of cereal every morning & treated your local pub like your favourite Uni nightclub, say so.

I went into a graphic design internship I was lucky enough to get off the back of connections I made with some industry people while at Uni.

What are you doing now and how long do you see yourself doing it for? Are you in your dream job? If not yet, what is this?

I work at Dyson as a Graphic Designer. I’m not sure how long I can see myself doing it for, it can sometimes be a lot of responsibility which we didn’t really get at Uni so that is always a shock that someone relies on me, and I get the credit if it goes well and have to deal with the consequences if it doesn’t, which are big in such a big company! However, I feel incredibly lucky to have this job, I would say it’s probably on the way to being an unexpected dream job yes!

Do you think Uni has helped you to be where you are now?

Uni was vital for me, as my occupation is quite specialised. I was grateful I had a couple of good tutors I really trusted and could aspire to be like, and the course was free enough that you could do what you wanted when you’d figured out what that was! I can say with certainty that I would not have the job I have now without my degree.

Describe your Uni experience? Did you face any obstacles? The positives, the negatives, reveal all. (Terrible lecturers can be anonymous!)

There were a few obstacles, in Graphic Design there are lots of different types of designer as there are so many styles and formats and inspirations. I was always quite classic but also wanted to be ready for the commercial world, which meant that a particular tutor came up against me saying I was selling my soul to work just so I could have a job when I came out and said it was too middle of the road. It was hard at the time but probably helped in the long run, and made my work a bit more personal whilst still being applicable to the real world. It also made me realise that the people of authority in your life may not necessarily be right all the time, it’s so personal. You have to pick and choose the advice to suit you!

Finally, if you would be so kind, tell us briefly about your day ahead – just in case we might want to change our career path!

Assuming it’s the morning, I get up at 6:30, get into work by 8:30 after a reasonable commute. I work in a beautiful building, with an abundance of very nice macs and anything else I might need to do my job. I work with very nice people, a mixture of very important people in the company and my peers. I get told what to do and also tell others what to do in order to do the jobs I have to do that day. The department I work in is Graphics and Packaging, which means we are in charge of the box, the colour of the machines, any labels, stickers, operating manuals, which means that my day is often varied. More often than not I finish at around 5:30!

That’s it. Kate, you have been wonderful.

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