Media Production

March 2012

Where did you Study?

University of Lincoln.

What did you Study?

BA Hons in Media Production.

What year did you Graduate?


So we can feel more intimate, three words to describe your physical appearance.

Tall, Handsome & Cuddly.

What did you do when you left Uni? Be brutally honest! If you cried into a bowl of cereal every morning & treated your local pub like your favourite Uni nightclub, say so.

I swallowed all my pride and took my old job back at Tesco. I graduated at the worst possible time, as the recession hit, so it took me nearly a year to get started in television.

What are you doing now and how long do you see yourself doing it for? Are you in your dream job? If not yet, what is this?

Working for Film Birmingham, handling permits and location enquires for various productions around the West Midlands. Only two weeks left of my contract, so not long. Everything in this industry is temporary, there’s no stability, so in that sense it’s not a dream job, but I’m in the field I want to be in. I’ve had some amazing jobs but it’ll be years before I’m in my dream job.

Do you think Uni helped you to be where you are now?

Yes and no. Life experience yes, basics of film making yes, but most of my knowledge has come from three years of hands on experience, something you can’t really teach at Uni. However, in terms of independence and being able to manage goals and deadlines, then yes.

Any advice for graduates who aren’t yet in their dream jobs or still battling against this rubbish economy for just an interview?

Keep at it, if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere, maybe try a different route in the same industry. For example, the last six weeks I’ve been working in Locations for TV Drama, as opposed to my usual AD/Runner role. I’m also looking at going back to Documentary as there seems to be more work and the hours are more manageable. Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom. Don’t apply to jobs that are out of your league, because a degree alone won’t make you a professional and chances are you’ll be turned down. If you show you’re willing to start at the bottom, take on some work experience and show you’re keen to learn, you’re more likely to get somewhere. I’m still a Runner after three years in Television. Just waiting for a break!

Finally, if you would be so kind, tell us briefly about your day ahead – just in case we might want to change our career path.

Today’s quite quiet, but usually I’m liaising with production companies about filming locations, processing permits for anyone who wishes to film around Birmingham, anyone from Students to BBC to large scale film companies.

Usually I’m a Runner on drama/film sets though. That can be anything from making tea, to getting actors through makeup/costume, helping as camera assistant or directing extras. The last big production job I had was Hustle, which sadly ended last year.

That’s it. Phil Hunnisnet, you have been wonderful.

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