Business and Marketing Management

June 2013

Where did you Study?

Oxford Brookes University

What did you Study?

Business and Marketing Management

What year did you Graduate?


So we can feel more intimate, three words to describe your physical appearance.

Long blonde hair

What did you do when you left Uni? Be brutally honest! If you cried into a bowl of cereal every morning & treated your local pub like your favourite Uni nightclub, say so.

I turned 21 straight after I graduated so spent a good few weeks celebrating! After moving back home I spoke to a friend’s parent who owned a marketing agency. As luck would have it they were looking for a marketing exec and after a successful interview I was offered a 3 week paid internship, which I began a week later. By the end of July I had been offered a full-time position with them. I was so grateful to have landed such a great opportunity so soon after graduating and I stayed with the company for 13 months.

How long have you been at Inspiring Interns and why did you choose to intern there?

I finished at my previous position as I decided I wanted to take some time out to travel whilst I still had the opportunity. I wanted to experience working in central London, and hadn’t previously taken any time off so that seemed like an appropriate time to do so. I spent four amazing months in South America and returned home with the hope of finding a job and moving into the city. My main priority was finding a position and company that I really loved. It was not easy, and I spent a couple of months searching for something to no avail, until I was recommended Inspiring Interns. I applied for a couple of marketing opportunities including this one, and thankfully I was invited to interview. I knew instantly that this was the position for me.  I’ve been with Inspiring Interns for nearly 12 weeks now! Next week will be the last week of my internship, and the start of my full-time job here!

Can you highlight five things that experience as a Digital Marketing Intern with Inspiring Interns has taught you?

The key thing my internship has shown me is that it is possible to enjoy working life! ‘Work hard, play hard’ is a key component of the Inspiring ethos. My time here so far has allowed me to gain a wealth of experience in the industry whilst having a great time doing so.

The second thing would have to be all the things I’ve learnt, broadening my knowledge of digital marketing to cover new social media platforms and strategies.

Thirdly, the opportunity to experience new things and test myself. I hadn’t previously had any experience in writing for a company to a large audience and found the thought of doing so completely daunting. I now write weekly blogs for Inspiring and guest blog on behalf of the company, and what’s better is that I actually enjoy doing it.

Fourthly, the importance of communication. Whether it’s between teams, ensuring you communicate and work together to get a job done, or speaking up and asking your mentor for help.

And finally, to have confidence in my abilities!

Any advice for graduates who aren’t yet in their dream jobs or still battling against this rubbish economy for just an interview?

Firstly, stay positive! I think that was my biggest downfall whilst job hunting. It’s difficult not to get down when you spending every day looking for something that doesn’t seem to exist!

Job hunting is all about strategy. Every CV you send represents a small opportunity to catch an employer’s attention. Differentiate yourself as much as possible, demonstrate all the skills and experience you have, and the things you have achieved so far. Be creative; your main aim is to create a (positive) lasting impression.

Another thing I would recommend is utilising your connections. Granted, I was very lucky to have had that opportunity to interview so soon after graduating, but I wouldn’t have done so if I hadn’t asked. Your parents, siblings, aunties and uncles, mates and their mates; it all comes down to networking. Don’t be shy, if you know someone who works in an industry or position of interest, ask them for help or advice. There’s no harm in trying, plus it demonstrates initiative and determination! You can also network online – don’t hesitate to send employers and hiring managers messages on Twitter or LinkedIn. Innovate!

Finally, if you would be so kind, tell us briefly about your day ahead – just in case we might want to change our career path.

Next up on my agenda today is a Facebook post to promote one of our latest vacancies, before lunch in the park across the road! After that it’s back to the office to check on our social media activity, checking my emails and smoothie-drinking (Innocent stopped by this morning and kindly gave us a load). There’s a blog to be written about student accommodation in London as part of our SEO link-building strategy, sourcing of funny gifts to share with the team and thinking about new Google Adwords campaigns. All that mixed with a lot of coffee, singing along to the new Daft Punk album and polishing up a few internship specs to go on our site! All in the name of helping students and graduates to find internships in London and the UK.

That’s it. Hannah, you have been wonderful. 

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