BSc Sports Science with Psychology

June 2013

Where did you Study?

University of East London

What did you Study?

BSc Sports Science with Psychology

What year did you Graduate?


So we can feel more intimate, three words to describe your physical appearance.

Short, smiley, sporty

What did you do when you left Uni? Be brutally honest! If you cried into a bowl of cereal every morning & treated your local pub like your favourite Uni nightclub, say so.

When I finished Uni I was in the process of finishing off ideas I had for my business. At the same time I was job hunting because I still needed a way to financially support myself.  This period was probably one the toughest yet exciting parts of my life. Mainly because it was a new transitional stage in my life, where for the first time ever I was out of the routine that being in full time education gives you and that I really had to get my career and my life started. The first few months were so hard and I lacked a little confidence because job hunting was not going well. However, it spurred me on even more to ensure my business worked.

What are you doing now and how long do you see yourself doing it for? Are you in your dream job? If not yet, what is this?

Now I am running a sports company. I see myself doing it for the foreseeable as it takes time to set up a business with substantial success. I do have an exit plan but I’m nowhere near done. I am definitely in a dream job because I am leading a great team and enjoy what I do. I am working in my favourite field – sport.

Do you think Uni has helped you to be where you are now?

I think it has. If I did not go to Uni I probably would not have gained the depth of knowledge I have about my field. Neither would I have the confidence to run a sports company and the environment of Uni contributed to this – I met so many great people at Uni who inspired me. I know that there are many that had the complete opposite experience.

I think the use of Uni is really what you make it. In some industries it is much harder after you have graduated but the key is to make it work for you. Uni is not necessarily for everyone but the key is to understand that it doesn’t guarantee you success nor failure. In this economic climate having a degree might not make the world of difference so it is up to you to ensure you stand out whether you have a degree or not.

Any advice for graduates who aren’t yet in their dream jobs or still battling against this rubbish economy for just an interview?

I would say never give up. Be open minded about your options as you might discover another dream job that you didn’t think you would like. Be ready to prove yourself to employers as they are looking for people who go over and beyond expectations.

Finally, if you would be so kind, tell us briefly about your day ahead – just in case we might want to change our career path.

My day ahead will consist of heading down to watch a lunch time footy competition in South East London for our customers. From there I will go on to a meeting with my colleagues. Then in the evening I will be hosting and delivering a Sport Up Net session; a monthly networking event for businesses and entrepreneurs who will be connecting through use of our sports games/activities.

That’s it. Amie, you have been wonderful.

Find more about Amie’s business, Run Fun Starz, here.

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