Inspiration. Aim. Mission.


Trawling the internet for stories of comfort, where people admitted that they too, were suppressing their worth to zero pounds, or back at their local supermarket, acting through a series of forced happy sounds when a seventeen year old boy says “when I leave University I really don’t want to be like you”. Battling against the grind of family members, friends, enduring to ask one question: “why?”, I decided to create After Uni.


A site with the sole intention of uniting and supporting Students and Graduates, through the medium of refreshingly honest interviews. A ‘home’ for us, to breathe relief and take comfort, knowing that we are all going through the same.


1. To not feel embarrassed of our situation and to know that we are all in the same boat; to know the full story.

With social disconnection after University and Facebook at times retaining previous sociability, but research indicating, one in three people visiting it’s site and feeling worse, I feel it crucial that Graduates have access to other Graduates ‘real’ lives after University.

I encourage Graduates to offer advice, to share their ‘life after University’ in as much detail and honesty you can give.

I suggest that the more honest we can be to each other, the more we can get through ‘after Uni’.

Students I encourage you to follow.

2. To use each other’s stories to learn from, gain advice and connect with each other.

If a Graduate is in a line of work you are interested in, then leave a comment underneath the interview or get in touch with

3. To see that things do get better, but to stop comparing or feeling behind – everyone gets knocks at different times.

The interviews are set out under the number of years that people have graduated for.
This should show:
• Progress over time.
• Encouragement to stick at what you want to do.
• Insight as to whether work experience/internships are beneficial.
• S**t happens.

4. To keep this as a source purely between us: Students and Graduates.

Please do get in touch at Honesty can make all the difference.

Lauren Powell x