Introduction from Amie Samba: ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ winner, 2012

Hi, my name is Amie Samba. Welcome to the Entrepreneurship section of After Uni. I am the CEO/Founder of Run Fun Starz; we help creative directors and freelancers reach their personal best in life and business through sports programmes. I am also a BSc Sports Science with Psychology Graduate. I studied at the University of East London from 2006 to 2009. You may have read my interview with Lauren on After Uni before.

I would like to thank Lauren for this opportunity to speak to so many of you who are going through that transitional period (or about to) between graduating and finding your dream job. After Uni is a fantastic resource that I certainly could have done with. I initially expressed interest in talking about my experiences after graduating. Lauren then suggested I should also write a section dedicated to business and entrepreneurship for graduates and students.

The intention of this section is to give you an insight into entrepreneurship and business as a graduate, woman, young person and everything in between. You may be considering going into business and setting something up once you have graduated. You may even have a business in place already. I am sure you could find this section helpful to you. To give you a better idea about me and if I am the kind of person you would like to connect with, I will share a bit about me…

The formation of my business stemmed from a number of significant events in my life. I grew up in Sweden. It provides the ideal environment for kids to be active. Even if you are not the sporty type it is very easy to be involved in outdoor activities like fishing, skiing, skating and camping. I absolutely loved it. I was also involved in many sports in and out of school. By the time I was eight I was already selected as a player for a junior indoor Hockey Club.

Nevertheless about a year later I moved to London. This was a huge shock for me culturally. Over the next ten years my involvement in sport was non-existent. I decided that the only way I was going to get the fulfilment my peers and I wanted, was to do it myself and to work together. When I was studying at University I realised there was a gap in the market for adults, especially who did not feel the sports that were on offer was meaningful to them. So I decided to set up Run Fun Starz and never looked back since.

For the purpose of this blog I would like to keep it short and relevant. But if you would like to find out about my journey in more detail go to This is really about you. It is important that what I write is relevant to your journey in business or your dream job.

I will try my utmost to speak about it from my knowledge/experience and through the networks I have access to. It would be great to get an idea of what it is that you want me to cover in this section to help you? There will be times I will refer you to an article that I have already written if I have covered that topic before.

I hope you will find this section useful to you and look forward to hearing your requests.

Kind regards
Amie Samba

Amie won a Precious award for Young Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2012. The Precious awards was founded by Foluke Akinlose MBE to celebrate the achievements of inspirational entrepreneurial women of colour who are running businesses in the UK.


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